Not just Whippleshield…

There is a tab on the Whippleshield Books eshop site which reads “Secondhand Books“. I have a large book collection, and some of those books I no longer want to keep. So I’m going to list them on the Whippleshield Books site. They’ll be first editions only, and some of them may be signed. The description of each book will also give their condition – which will pretty much be “fine” or “near fine”, because I wouldn’t buy books for myself that were in poor condition.

At the moment, there’s only half a dozen secondhand books listed on the site – by Keith Roberts, Richard Morgan, Ursula Le Guin and Gene Wolfe – but I’ll be adding more on a regular basis. Not all of them will be science fiction or fantasy. I have first editions by Graham Joyce, Lawrence Durrell, Ian Watson, Anthony Burgess, Frank Herbert, Stephen Baxter, CJ Cherryh, among others. Some of the books are UK edition, some are US. I’ll try to price them competitively.

So don’t forget to visit the Whippleshield Books site often. There may only be the one book published by Whippleshield available at the moment, but there are plenty, and will be more, collectible secondhand first edition books to buy.


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