Adrift on the Sea of Rains Competition Giveaway

I’ve decided to run a competition to give away two copies of the signed limited edition hardback of Adrift on the Sea of Rains. This competition is open to everyone. It will run until midnight GMT 20 June 2012. Answer the following three questions – they will require some google-fu – and send your answers to I will then ask someone to randomly select two lucky winners from all the correct entries.

Here are the questions:

“Kendall himself had been working on it for the last twenty years, mostly up at Montauk on Long Island, with the surviving members of the Project Rainbow team…”

1. By what name is the semi-mythical Project Rainbow better known?

“He sees Δv and ve and Isp, and he remembers a classroom at the Johnson Space Center and some pencil-neck with pocket-protectors and a blackboard covered in alphabet soup.”

2. In the rocket equation, what does Ve stand for?

“and that meant the wizzo’s data viewer and radar-TV had been updated with the mission profile by SAGE, NORAD’s vast and powerful computer, from the Sector Direction Center at Syracuse AFB”

3. What world record does SAGE hold?

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