It started out as a bit of a joke. I sent Lavie Tidhar a PDF of my story ‘Wunderwaffe’, which was published in the ebook anthology Vivisepulture from Anarchy Press in December 2011. But Lavie never got around to reading the story, so I told him I’d knock out a quick chapbook version for him. I did, I posted it to him, he read it, and then wrote about it on his blog here.

While I was putting together the Wunderwaffe chapbook, I became quite taken with the idea of publishing extremely limited-run chapbooks. Say a dozen copies only. This is not, I hasten to add, a new idea – a number of genre writers already do it. I even had a platform from which to sell these chapbooks – the Whippleshield Books online shop (though the chapbooks are not published under that imprint).

So that’s what I’ve done. A signed and numbered chapbook of Wunderwaffe limited to a dozen copies is now available for purchase from here. If the price seems a bit high, it’s the rarity you’re paying for, not the number of pages…

I plan to turn a few more of my published short stories into chapbooks, but I’m not sure which ones as yet.


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