It’s Not Just About Apollo

I may have started Whippleshield Books to publish my Apollo Quartet, but I never intended it to be a solely self-publishing venture. I operate an open submissions policy, and I would like people to submit appropriate stories. However, I am very particular about what I want…

Length: novellas, or collections of no more than half-a-dozen linked stories; that’s between 15,000 and 35,000 words. I am a little bit flexible on word-length, but only a few thousand each way. I have no intention of publishing 150,000 words novels.

Topic: Whippleshield Books publishes space fiction and hard sf. That’s it. And I want it literary. No space operas, no fantasies. No Analog-style puzzle stories. Be adventurous – structurally and narratively. Keep the hand-waving to a bare minimum. Get the science right, persuade me you’ve done the research. Space is dangerous, space travel is hazardous, and I want to see stories which get that fact across. No magic spaceships, no technology “indistinguishable from magic”. I want stories that acknowledge the rocket equation, that know what Max-Q is, that have heard of the interplanetary transport network…

How to submit: do not send me your manuscript. I’ll just delete it. Do send me a synopsis. I don’t need a list of credits – I’m perfectly capable of googling your name. Email a synopsis to editor(at)whippleshieldbooks(dot)com. I’ll get back to you within a week or two.

And should I want to buy your novella? Your book will get the same treatment as the Apollo Quartet books: a signed hardback edition limited to 75 copies, a paperback edition, and an ebook available from the Whippleshield Books site and for Kindle on Amazon. Payment, royalties, etc, will be offered on a case-by-case basis.

I’m only planning to publish perhaps two or three books a year, so I will be very choosy. But if you don’t submit, you’ll never know if you might have been one of them…


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