The future of science fiction

There’s a post on the Guardian Books blog by Damien G Walter, which appeared on Thursday 3 January 2013. It’s titled ‘A brave new world: science fiction predictions for 2013’, and it’s about predictions in written science fiction in 2013, rather than any predictions science fiction itself might have made. Under the section title Space is SF’s new black, Damien writes:

“Ian Sales’ Adrift on the Sea of Rains is one of the most outstanding self-published books of the year, and a homage to the golden age of SF writing and the Apollo space programme.”

That’ll be going on all the marketing from now on. And if I go to a second print-run for the paperback, I’ll put that quote on the back. Thanks, Damien.


There will, of course, be no second print-run of the hardback – after all, that’s what “limited” means. And if you want a copy of the hardback, you’d best move fast. There are less than a dozen copies left. You can buy it here.

Book two of the Apollo Quartet, The Eye With Which The Universe Beholds Itself, is available for pre-order. I’m expecting the hardback edition – again limited to 75 copies – to be delivered in mid-January, and the paperback edition a week or so later. The ebook versions will be made available when the hardbacks arrive.


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