Adrift on the Sea of Rains sources

As has been customary for the past few years, the British Science Fiction Association has produced a booklet for its members containing the stories shortlisted for the short fiction category of the BSFA Award. Since Adrift on the Sea of Rains is a novella and quite long, and I didn’t think it fair to allow only an excerpt to be included, I decided to drop the bibliography and list of online sources. The list of abbreviations and glossary are, of course, necessary for the full reading experience.

So, for people who have read Adrift on the Sea of Rains in the BSFA 2012 booklet, here’s the full bibliography and online sources as they appear in the paperback, hardback and ebook editions…


_Bean, Alan: APOLLO: AN EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT (1998, The Greenwich Workshop Press, ISBN 0-86713-050-4)
_Buttler, Tony: AMERICAN SECRET PROJECTS: FIGHTERS AND INTERCEPTORS 1945 – 1978 (2007, Midland Publishing, ISBN 978-1-85780-264-1)
_Buttler, Tony, and Yefim Gordon: SOVIET SECRET PROJECTS: BOMBERS SINCE 1945 (2006, Midland Publishing, ISBN 978-1-85780-194-1)
_Carson, Don, and Lou Drendel: No. 15: F-106 DELTA DART IN ACTION (1974, Squadron/Signal, no ISBN)
_Cook, Nick: THE HUNT FOR ZERO POINT (2001, Century, ISBN 0-7126-6953-1)
_Cowen, Mark, director: MAGNIFICENT DESOLATION: WALKING ON THE MOON (2005, HBO Home Video DVD)
_Davis, Larry: No. 199: F-102A DELTA DAGGER IN ACTION (2005, Squadron/Signal, ISBN 0-89747-494-5)
_Donald, David: TUPOLEV BOMBERS (2002, AIRtime Publishing, ISBN 1-880588-62-5)
_Farrell, Joseph P: THE SS BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL (2006, Adventures Unlimited Press, ISBN 1-931882-61-4)
_Ginter, Steve: NAVAL FIGHTERS No. 64: A-5A / RA-5C VIGILANTE (2005, Steve Ginter, ISBN 0-942612-64-7)
_Godwin, Robert: APOLLO 15: THE NASA MISSION REPORTS VOLUME 1 (2001, Apogee Books, ISBN 1-896522-57-2)
_Godwin, Robert: APOLLO SPACECRAFT NEWS REFERENCE (LUNAR MODULE) (2005, Apogee Books, ISBN 1-894959-35-3)
_Godwin, Robert: APOLLO ADVANCED LUNAR EXPLORATION PLANNING (2007, Apogee Books, ISBN 978-1-894959-80-3)
_Godwin, Robert: APOLLO TRAINING—APOLLO SPACECRAFT & SYSTEMS FAMILIARIZATION (2007, Apogee Books, ISBN 9781-894959-79-7)
_Godwin, Robert: THE LUNAR EXPLORATION SCRAPBOOK (2007, Apogee Books, ISBN 9781-1894959-81-0)
_Godwin, Robert: LUNAR MODULE ORIENTATION GUIDE & COMPARTMENT FAMILIARIZATION (2009, Apogee Books, ISBN 978-1-926592-11-4)
_Greer, Gordon B: ALL-WEATHER FIGHTERS (2006, iUniverse, ISBN 0-595-40656-4)
_Holder, William G: AERO SERIES No. 27: CONVAIR F-106 (1977, Aero Publishers, Inc., ISBN 0-8168-0600-4)
_Kamecke, Theo, director: MOONWALK ONE (1970, The Attic Room Ltd DVD)
_Kelly, Thomas J: MOON LANDER (2001, Smithsonian Institution Press, ISBN 1-56098-998-X)
_Kinzey, Bert: IN DETAIL & SCALE VOLUME 35: F-102 DELTA DAGGER (1990, TAB/Airlife, ISBN 1-85310-618-6)
_Launius, Roger D: SPACE STATIONS: BASE CAMPS TO THE STARS (2003, Smithsonian Institution, ISBN 1-58834-120-8)
_O’Brien, Frank: THE APOLLO GUIDANCE COMPUTER (2010, Springer-Praxis, ISBN 978-1-4419-0876-6)
_Reinert, Al, director: FOR ALL MANKIND (1989, Eureka Entertainment Ltd DVD)
_Riley, Christopher, and Philip Dolling: APOLLO 11 OWNERS’ WORKSHOP MANUAL (2009, Haynes Publishing, ISBN 978-1-84425-683-9)
_Scott, David, and Alexei Leonov: TWO SIDES OF THE MOON (2004, Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0-7432-3162-7)
_Sington, David, director: IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON (2007, Channel 4 DVD)
_Sullivan, Scott P: VIRTUAL APOLLO (2002, Apogee Books, ISBN 978-1-896522-94-7)
_Witkowski, Igor: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WUNDERWAFFE (2003, European History Press, ISBN 838825916-4)



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