Aphrodite Terra Update

The submission period for Aphrodite Terra, a mini-anthology of stories about the planet Venus, to be edited by myself and published by Whippleshield Books, opened on 1 November 2013. I didn’t do much to publicise the fact as I was busy with Then Will The Great Ocean Wash Deep Above. I’d hoped to have the third book of the Apollo Quartet all done and dusted by the end of October, but it dragged on into November, and printer problems carried it through December to the New Year.


I’d originally planned to close submissions for Aphrodite Terra at the end of January 2014. Unfortunately, interest has been so lacklustre in the project that I’m going to have to extend it. I’m paying 3p a word. I’ve decided to keep the submission period open until the end of May. It’s my hope I’ll have enough by then to publish it for Loncon 3. If not, then I’ll kill the entire project.

The guidelines are here. I only need four or five stories. But if I don’t get anything suitable, then Aphrodite Terra will never see the light of day. Please submit – literary hard sf/space fiction, or just plain literary fiction. About, or related to, the planet Venus. Aphrodite Terra needs you.


7 responses to “Aphrodite Terra Update

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  2. Hello,
    How many submissions have you received so far? Do you think the anthology will proceed?

    • I know of at least two stories that Ian has… given my limited knowledge of who is doing what stories, this sounds very promising. [Whether they are of an acceptable standard for Ian is entirely another matter, only which he can answer.]

      • So far, I’ve not really received enough submissions to make a go of the anthology – even though I’m only looking for between 4 and 6 pieces. There’s a couple of possibles out of the ones I’ve been sent, but if I don’t receive a lot more before the end of the month, I may have cancel or postpone the antho.

      • What will be, will be…. (despite all the science fiction we write).

        Personally I think pulling together a story for Venus is the hardest of all the Solar System’s planets to do it with.

        I know Geoffrey Landis did it successfully in his 2010 Novella, ‘The Sultan of the Clouds’, which won the Sturgeon Award for best short science fiction. It used his NASA work where he indicated that humans could live relatively comfortably about 90-100km up in the atmosphere…. if anyone’s looking for inspiration!

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