Venus Lives!

Yes, Aphrodite Terra is going ahead! It will be published!

I was seriously thinking of cancelling – or at least postponing – it at one point, but things picked up toward the end of the submission period. And I now have what I think are 20,000 words of good and interesting fiction on or about the planet Venus. The six stories cover quite a spread… but I think I can safely say none are traditional, or heartland, science fiction. Which is just as I wanted it.


Unfortunately, in putting together Aphrodite Terra I appear to have done something wrong. It has been repeatedly asserted in the last week or so that women do not write or read science fiction*, and it seems I failed to take note of that. Aphrodite Terra has five female contributors, and one male (for the record, 55% of submissions were from women writers).

The stories in Aphrodite Terra are by EM Edwards, Erin M Hartshorn, Heide Kneale, Rosie Oliver, Lorraine Schein and Deborah Walker.

At the moment, I can’t say for certain exactly when Aphrodite Terra will appear. Some time in the six weeks. In paperback and ebook. I shall blog and tweet when it’s available for purchase. Repeatedly, I expect.

As for what comes next… I’d like Aphrodite Terra to be the start in a series, but it all depends on how successful this volume is. If it bombs, there’ll be no more. But on the happy assumption people buy enough copies to make the series worthwhile… What planetary body should I chose as the theme for the next one? Please confine your answers to the Solar System. And real planetary bodies too.

* Do I really have to show how just plain stupid an assertion this is? If yes, see Lightspeed’s Women Destroy Science Fiction, or SF Mistressworks, or the winner of this year’s Nebula, Arthur C Clarke and BSFA (joint-winner) Awards, or just go look in any sf magazine, anthology or book shop…



5 responses to “Venus Lives!

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  4. Nuts….I didn’t see this antho. I went back to flog….only to find that the antho was never listed.

    Ian, if you are looking for a pool of subs to choose from, might I suggest sending the info to and The Grinder (

    Going forward, I’d love to see more mini-anthos around the Solar System. After you finish off the major and minor bodies, perhaps you could move on to some of the possible future settings, like an L5 habitat, or a Niven “Confinement Asteroid”.

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