What’s happening at Whippleshield Books

You will have noticed that Apollo Quartet 4 All That Outer Space Allows was not available at Loncon 3 as originally planned. And Aphrodite Terra has yet to make an appearance. There have been some delays…

The summer proved less productive for me than expected – as, it seems, it does every year; and you’d think I’d have realised this by now – but everything is once again back on track. I’ve been playing around with ideas for the structure of All That Outer Space Allows after deciding that I didn’t want a dual narrative like the earlier three novellas. I’ve now come up with something that I think works really well, and have already started putting the pieces together. I’ve also completed pretty much all of the preliminary research, and have made a start on the writing. I’m hoping to have it all done before the end of the year, but I’ve a feeling it may expand beyond novella-length… and that may entail a 2015 launch. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it. The story has already been described as “amazingly ambitious”, so we’ll see…


Aphrodite Terra is much closer to making an appearance. The cover art is done; I just need to complete the editing and put it all together with an introduction, etc. It will almost certainly appear before Christmas – by early October at the latest, if I pull my finger out. Unlike the Apollo Quartet, it will only be available in paperback and ebook editions.

In other news, if you live in London keep an eye open for Litro, a free literary magazine. I’m in this month’s issue, which has a “future fashions” theme, with a story about the wife of an Apollo astronaut. You can apparently find copies in a number of places, including branches of Waterstones, the British Library Bookshop, St Pancras, London Review Bookshop, ICA, Tate Modern and Tate Britain, and a variety of other places.


2 responses to “What’s happening at Whippleshield Books

    • Yes, all contributors will get paperback and ebook copies of Aphrodite Terra. I’m looking to have it out before Christmas – I got a bit overwhelmed with stuff in August and September, but things are starting to pick up.

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