All That Outer Space Allows now available

At long last, the final book of the Apollo Quartet, All That Outer Space Allows, is now available. It’s taken a bit longer than expected, but this instalment is novel-length rather than novella, and a bit more ambitious than the previous three. I hope it was worth the wait.

At present, the book is available on Kindle – you can buy it on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here. It will be available in paperback in a day or so, initially only from Amazon but from the Whippleshield Books web store once I have copies in stock. This weekend I will also put up a pre-order page for the signed limited hardback editions, which I expect to be available in the latter half of May.


Here’s the blurb from the back-cover:

It is 1965 and Ginny Eckhardt is a science fiction writer. She’s been published in the big science fiction magazines and is friends with many of the popular science fiction authors of the day. Her husband, Walden, has just been selected by NASA as one of the New Nineteen Apollo astronauts… which means Ginny will be a member of the Astronaut Wives Club.

Although the realities of spaceflight fascinate Ginny, her genders bars her from the United State space programme. Her science fiction offers little in the way of consolation—but perhaps there is something she can do about that…

Covering the years 1965 to 1972, when Walden Eckhardt lifts-off aboard Apollo 15 as the mission’s lunar module pilot, this is Ginny’s life: wife, science fiction writer, astronaut wife… because that is All That Outer Space Allows.

Review ebook copies are available, in epub, mobi or PDF. Ping me on Twitter @ian_sales, or use the email addresses given on the web store. I still intend to sell ebook editions of all four books through the Whippleshield web store, but current EU VAT regulations make it near-impossible. My plan is to sell chapbooks with free ebook copies, but I need to writer the chapbooks first.

Incidentally, it’s worth noting how things change. Three years ago, I launched Adrift on the Sea of Rains in hardback and paperback, and only published the ebook edition a month or so later. Now, the ebook is out first, and print editions follow…

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