All That Outer Space Allows hardback now available for pre-order

As with the previous three books of the Apollo Quartet, All That Outer Space Allows is available in a signed hardback limited to 75 copies. The only difference between it and the paperback edition is the limitation page and, er, my signature. And the fact it’s limited to 75 copies, of course. I’ve now put up a pre-order page on the Whippleshield Books website here, and I expect to have copies in to ship in the next two to three weeks. This book is a little more expensive than previous books because it’s almost twice the page-length.


Now that All That Outer Space Allows is done, Whippleshield Books will go on hiatus for a bit. I have yet to make a decision on Aphrodite Terra, but it is my hope it might appear in August of this year, only twelve months after its planned publication date. However, I certainly plan to publish a short collection of alternate space stories, most of which have been previously published elsewhere, in time for next year’s Eastercon. The contents will include ‘Barker’, ‘Faith’, ‘Far Voyager’, ‘Red Desert’, and either ‘Our Glorious Socialist Future Among the Stars!’ or something written specifically for the collection. The obvious title for the collection would be Memories of the Space Age, but JG Ballard beat me to it. But perhaps Dreams of the Space Age is a better fit. Anyway, expect to see that this time next year.

Meanwhile, buy the fourth and final book of the Apollo Quartet, All That Outer Space Allows, available for pre-order in signed limited hardback, but available to purchase now in paperback and on Kindle.

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