All That Interzone Allows

Interzone, the UK’s best sf magazine, features a column each issue by Jonathan McCalmont, Future Interrupted, in which he writes about some aspect of science fiction. In the July/August issue, 259, McCalmont writes about the Apollo Quartet, under the title ‘All That Science Fiction Allows’. He says,

They said a lot about how self-publishing was going to change the world but the reality turned out to be a billion shades of grey and the occasional flash of colour such as that provided by Ian Sales’ magnificent and ground-breaking Apollo Quartet.


The column then goes on to discuss each of the four books individually, before finishing,

The Apollo Quartet is a tour de force. Complex, moving and technically ground-breaking…

It’s an excellent article (obviously I’d say that), and as a writer I find it fascinating, as no doubt do other writers, seeing what others find in my fiction. And I’m usually surprised there’s things I didn’t knowingly put in there I can now see are quite plainly present.


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