Evening Star to the right and straight on ’til morning

Although I set up Whippleshield Books to publish the Apollo Quartet, it was never my intention it remain a self-publishing venture. I had plans, lots of plans… However, with one thing and another, Whippleshield has published for the past three and a half years works only by myself. Until now! Back in 2013, I came up with the idea of a series of short anthologies set on various of the Solar System’s celestial bodies. I picked Venus for my starting point, and put out a call for submissions. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as intended, and the book didn’t appear as planned in 2014 for Loncon3. And then other things happened… and other things… and other things… and that anthology got delayed and delayed again…

But at last! It is here! Aphrodite Terra, six stories about Venus. With contributions from Heid Kneale, Deborah Walker, EM Edwards, Lorraine Schein, Erin M Hartshorn and Rosie Oliver. Six stories inspired by Venus, about Venus, covering a variety of approaches to genre fiction.

At present, Aphrodite Terra is only available on Kindle, but a paperback edition will be launched in the New Year.

Aphrodite Terra front cover 01 copy


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